Live at United Center in Phoenix, AZ
Live at United Center in Phoenix, AZ
Live in Melbourne Australia 2019 at Way Out West Club
Stevie gave me a 60’s Sunburst Harmony from a pawnshop and signed his new 45 record the Cobras and a gave me his jacket! ?
Me and David Grissom at Arlyn Studios in ATX. David produced the MVP (Milligan Vaughan Project) in 2017. Self Titled MVP
Fender gave my Dad Jimmie a couple of “Lenny” replicas and he gave me one. Man these things are amazing down to the dirty details! TV
Me with Kingfish and the Peterson Bos. Moody Theater in Austin, TX “young bloods”
Me and my cousin Dan goofin’ around on the guitars my Uncle Stevie gave me. When I was around 7 Stevie along w/ Lou Ann Barton and W.C. Clark all pitched in and bought me a Fender Music Master guitar. I remember Stevie was so excited because it had such a small neck so that I could wrap my hand around it. Stevie told my Mom “Jimmies’s boy is gonna be a player! -SRV
Me and my Dad Jimmie out in LA on Sunset Blvd. 1999
Live in France on Tour with Cyril Neville’s RSB
Live at HardRock Cafe in Dallas, TX 2012
Photo by Robert Sebree Los Angeles
Family Style it’s a Vaughan Thang! ?
Live at House of Blues in New Orleans New Year’s Eve Show 2000. It’s me with Jimmie Vaughan & Billy F. Gibbons ?
Photo shoot for Rockstar Magazine in Austin, TX 2015
Me and Dad at Waterloo Park in Austin, TX 1999 Blues Festival
Recorded at Muscle Shoals produced by Tom Hambridge The Royal Southern Brotherhood featuring Cyril Neville on Vocals/Percussion and Tyrone Vaughan on Guitar and vocals. 2015 release on Ruf Records. “DON’T LOOK BACK”
The Royal Southern Brotherhood “the Royal Gospel” recorded at Dockside Studios in Maurice, Louisiana released in 2016 on Ruf Records featuring Cyril Neville on Vocals and percussion and Tyrone Vaughan on Guitar and Vox.
Me and Cyril Neville in Quebec Canada 2016 Blues Festival Royal Southern Brotherhood ?
Photo by Robert Sebree LA 2011Long and Lean” Rory Gallagher
Rockstar Magazine shoot Austin, TX 2013
“Now and Then” EP Tyrone Vaughan released 2014 SK Records
SRV Transcends Space and Time-
Live in Melbourne Australia 2019 Way Out West Club.
Me and Cyril Neville at California Blues Festival in Simi Valley 2016
Live in New York at the Iridium Jazz Club w/RSB
Robert Sebree photo shoot in LA
Live at United Center in Phoenix, AZ
Tyrone Vaughan Band live at United Center in Phoenix, AZ
Austin, TX photo shoot “Grateful”
Live at Momos’s in Austin, TX w/BREEDLOVE Reuinion 2005
Austin, TX “Under the Bridge “
Live at United Center in Phoenix, AZ
Recording “Don’t Look Back” at Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals, AL The Royal Southern Brotherhood 2015

The United Center in Phoenix, AZ